Appenzeller Volkskunde-Museum Stein

The focus in this museum is on the folk art and folk culture of the alpine farming communities of the Appenzellerland, famed for their painted furniture and crafts such as saddle-making and white cooperage.

Traditional cheese-making is cultivated in a mountain hut. Groups can make their own cheeses, too, although advance booking is required. Live demonstrations of the similarly important crafts of weaving and embroidery are also offered on certain days. An iPad tour of the museum is available in three languages.

Appenzeller Volkskunde-Museum Stein Dorf, CH-9063 Stein AR, Tel. +41 (0)71 368 50 56,,, Opening hours: Tues–Sat 10 a.m.–5 p.m.

Hand-carved “Ascent to Summer Pastures” by Jakob Zweifel (1898-1989)
Hundred-year-old mountain hut where cheese is still made over an open fire
Threading machine (aka the “miracle machine”), 1890
Built in 1905 by F. Martini & Co., the machine has 312 needles and can embroider cloth up to 4 metres wide.
Satin-stitch loom with Jacquard mechanism
Carved milk pails and dairy cart on the ground floor