Museum Wolfhalden

The former «Wirtshaus zur alten Krone», a 17th century inn, houses several hundred objects which bear witness to living and working conditions between 1650 and 1950 in Wolfhalden and the surrounding area.

The objects documenting the arts of silk weaving and curtain embroidery are a particular highlight. These crafts were once widely practised in Wolfhalden. An imposing wooden wine press is a reminder of the once vitally important but now all but vanished tradition of winegrowing in the region.

Museum Wolfhalden Kronenstrasse 61, CH-9427 Wolfhalden, Tel. +41 (0)71 891 21 42,,, Opening times: May to October Sun 10 a.m.–12 noon, November to April by arrangement

Handloom for silk gauze, c.1900; silk cocoons spun by home-bred silkworms
A kitchen from c.1870, plate rack, bench for pails of water, wood-fired stove
Laundry equipment, c.1920
Bedchamber: wedding cupboard from Reute, cradle from Wolfhalden
Shoemaker’s workshop with a locally made crown-glass window
Wooden casks for must and wine, rammed earth floor; font JHS 1639
Winepress from Hub, c.1750, and distillery