Spielzeugsammlung Waldfee Wald

Dolls, puppets, ritual and other figures from around the world are assembled in this lavishly converted stable.

The collection, which comprises more than 5000 objects, provides an insight into the amazing diversity of dolls. It also contains historical toys and numerous children's books.

Spielzeugsammlung Waldfee Wald Oberdorf 45, CH-9044 Wald AR, Tel. +41 (0)71 877 26 94,, Opening times: May to November 1st Sunday of every month and by arrangement

Marionettes from Nepal and India, Slavic dolls
Costume dolls, ritual dolls and souvenir dolls from all over the world
Wooden animals on wheels, 1930-1980
“Tea dolls” (doll-shaped tea cosies), produced from 1890 to 1950
A miniature grocer’s shop, from c.1900
Old glove puppets, a toy stove, black dolls dating from the age of slavery in the USA and “Golliwogs” – a figure from British children’s literature