Schützenmuseum Trogen

The Schützenmuseum (Marksmen's Museum) is nestled on the top floor of the magnificent twin palatial homes of the Zellweger family, right on the Landsgemeinde town square. Here, historical weapons, trophies and insignia of the Ausserrhoden Marksmen's Association are lovingly housed and documented.

Sporting, military and police weapons form the bulk of the collection, which comprises over 2000 exhibits.  Among the objects of particular interest are a carbine made in Trogen and the examples of indoor rifles. The exhibition also includes numerous flags and banners, skilfully handmade by women. Moreover the museum serves as an archive for all the documents relating to the various divisions of the Ausserrhoden Marksmen's Association.

Schützenmuseum Trogen Landsgemeindeplatz 5, CH-9043 Trogen, Tel. +41 (0)79 444 30 81,,, Opening times: by arrangement

A splendid collection …
Corner for meetings with flags
Trophies from Swiss Marksmen’s Festival 1934
Indoor rifles
Showcases on various well-known marksmen