Velomuseum Rehetobel

The collection housed by this museum comprises over 200 old bicycles. The exhibits range from the invention of the bicycle to the 20th century and are dominated by cycles with a regional connection.

The penny farthings, tricycles and children's bicycles, along with other wheeled curiosities, illustrate the historical development of this popular form of transport. Photographs, posters and insignia, along with accessories such as cycling clothing and equipment, supplement the exhibition. 

Velomuseum Rehetobel Heidenerstrasse 4, CH-9038 Rehetobel, Tel. +41 (0)71 877 17 70,,, Opening times: For groups by arrangement

Queen Victoria herself placed an order for this “Salvo Sociable” tricycle.
State-of-the-art engineering
An elegant bicycle made of aluminium, c.1935
Every little boy’s dream: a row cart, c.1920
A tricycle from our vast collection of children’s vehicles
Every object comes with a dash of local colour and a bit of history.
There are a further 150 bicycles in storage – most of them fully functional.